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Vivid Earth Tie Dyes is Dan Howard and Krista Duell. We are eastern Kansas residents and have been making and selling quality tie dyed clothing since the mid eighties. We really enjoy creating tie dye artworks and we are committed to working hard at customer satisfaction. Read some of the letters below and you will see that we get lots of praise for the customer service we provide.

Dan's first tie dye experience occured shortly before an Ultimate frisbee tournament in the early eighties. It was a team tradition to wear tie dyed jerseys so before the first tourney of the year all the newbies and a couple of veterans got together for a tie dye party. That was all it took and Dan has been dying ever since! Through experimentation and study with other tie dye artists he has developed his own unique tie dye style.


Krista learned about marketing in traditional and unique environments! Degreed in Anthropology and professionally trained at selling water systems, she did some post-undergraduate studies in anthropology and found herself on "tour" with the Grateful Dead. Anyone who has experienced this phenomena knows of what we speak but for those who haven't a very brief explanation. Before and after most every Grateful Dead show an outdoor marketplace gets set up, with people selling all types of hats and clothes, sandals, jewelry, and assorted artworks. Like pencil drawings and airbrush art, blown glass and sculpture and the list just goes on and on. There was a lot of real marketing experience to be gained in this environment and Krista absorbed all she could. With this background she recognized that there was a real demand for these Tie Dyes and it wasn't long before Vivid Earth was born.

The two of us have been working to integrate our unique and in many ways complimentary talents into an evolving and always responsive art shop! We really hope you enjoy what you see in this on-line store and will stop back often to see whats new!

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